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Solutions for Coaters

Reduce Powder Waste

coatingAI optimizes the coating process using AI algorithms to determine the ideal settings like pattern, speed, and charge. This reduces powder overspray and waste by up to 15%, delivering significant cost savings on powder materials. The platform pays for itself through lower material usage.

Improve Coating Quality

By factoring in all production variables, coatingAI improves coating uniformity by over 10% for smoother, more attractive finishes. Minimizing defects, reworks, and customer rejections protects your reputation for quality.

Increase Efficiency by Leveling the Expertise Playing Field

coatingAI Flightpath eliminates the need for rare veteran expertise by using AI to automate complex coating parameter optimization. It levels the playing field, allowing even novice operators to achieve expert-level efficiency and quality. By removing manual trial-and-error, coatingAI enables your staff to spend less time on setup and more on value-added tasks. You maximize performance without relying on seasoned coating veterans.

Boost Production Volume

The increased throughput and efficiency provided by coatingAI allows job coaters to take on more coating work and expand production volume. By optimizing every job for maximum speed and quality, you can coat significantly more parts each day and scale your operations.

"I can take any new hire and make them perform at expert level with the help of the coatingAI platform."
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