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Step into the new era of powder coating:

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What We Offer

See how coatingAI Flightpath streamlines your coating process, boosts uniformity and reduces powder consumption. Your next level of efficiency is just a click away.


Our Products

Flightpath calculates within seconds the ideal movements of your reciprocator, resulting in unparalleled uniformity and remarkable powder reduction.

co-pilot, the full automation solutions. Choose your desired thickness, click once, and let the co-pilot handle the rest. It's the ultimate solution for effortless perfection.

MWN's journey of discovery with coatingAI Flightpath!

MWN's journey of discovery with coatingAI Flightpath!

Solutions for Every Customer


"The level of automation and precision it brings to the coating process is truly impressive. Within minutes, Flightpath can determine the optimal coating program, resulting in exceptional uniformity and consistency in the final coating."

Oberflaeche Online

"The Flightpath was able to show that the layer thickness distribution could be improved by over 20% compared to the standard settings. We are on the right track to introduce AI to the powder coatings industry."

Patrik Studerus

A software that can predict the optimal coating parameters using artificial intelligence algorithms is new in the powder coating industry and is desired by many companies to achieve even greater cost efficiency."

Besser Lackieren

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Experience the coatingAI difference. Efficiency, precision, and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

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