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coatingAI at PaintExpo 2024: Innovating the Future of Coating Technology

This April, the coatingAI team made a dynamic return to the spectacular PaintExpo 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany, showcasing our groundbreaking coatingAI Flightpath technology for the second time and forging valuable industry connections. The event served as a vibrant hub for discussions about the future of coating technology & sustainability. We were thrilled to share how coatingAI is at the forefront with innovative solutions.

Located in the heart of Hall 3, coatingAI showcased the capabilities of Flightpath, integrated with pioneering technologies from our partners at PaintExpo.  Our joint exhibition highlighted our seamless collaboration with coatmaster AG, known for their advanced non-contact measurement technology that plays a crucial role in achieving precise film thickness and quality control without physical contact. Simultaneously, our collaboration with AkzoNobel's Interpon and its sustainable and durable powder coatings, showcased how these technologies together tackle the industry's pressing challenges. Our  partnerships demonstrate a unified approach to significantly enhance coating quality and reduce environmental impacts, providing substantial benefits to our clients' operations and the environment.

Our Highlights from the Fair:

  • Dynamic Demonstrations: the main character was without a doubt our Powder-Saving Calculator, which provided a compelling preview of the cost efficiencies and enhancements Flightpath could bring to their coating operations. The discussions that followed were filled with excitement and possibilities.

  • Interactive Discussions: Our discussions delved into the challenges of achieving optimal coating uniformity and efficiency, with Flightpath at the center of these solutions, drawing considerable interest from industry professionals.

  • Innovative Outlook: The feedback from PaintExpo is directly shaping our continuous improvements, ensuring our technology leads the way in boosting operational efficiency and sustainability.

PaintExpo 2024 was a platform for coatingAI not only to exhibit but also to affirm our mission to revolutionize coating processes through advanced technology. We are grateful to everyone who visited our stands and engaged with us, especially our team members and partners at coatmaster AG and AkzoNobel, whose contributions were pivotal to our success.

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